Strength training is a metaphor for life.

Increased physical strength inspires personal strength.

Women’s Strength Nation will give you access to:

  • improving your strength and conditioning
  • tips, techniques, and tools to optimize your workouts
  • workout programs
  • answers to all your questions like, “How many sets should I do?”
  • nutrition strategy to support your fitness

Research shows that when you build your health, fitness and physical strength, there is an automatic improvement in self-esteem, mood-states, and mojo. Well, ok, maybe “mojo” hasn’t exactly be scientifically proven, but the others have!

By learning our approach to strength training, you will find yourself stronger inside. You’ll walk taller and stand firm. You’ll feel a sense of internal resolve, commitment and resiliency. In a perfect world, you would make the choice to feel this way inside all of the time. But we also know it’s not that easy.

Use strength training as your tool to help cultivate the inner strength that you know you’re capable of.

What good is a good life if you don’t share it?

Research shows that when you live in a state of generosity and giving, you experience greater happiness. By giving, you will receive.

But at the end of the day when you are exhausted and left with little internal bandwidth, it’s hard to give more. Some days it’s a success simply getting out of bed!

By improving your physical strength, you will radically improve your stamina and physical vitality.

A strong physical body, that is built upon strong character, produces a human who is capable of giving, thriving and persevering.

And that contributes to a better world for everyone.

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You’ll also get

  • Detailed tips to make sure you’re doing things correctly
  • Instructional videos that show you exactly what to do
  • Info on how strength training is THE KEY to long term weight loss
  • Insights into how to navigate the Bro Territory of the gym
  • Lil’ bits of inspiration. Because we want you to BE strong!
  • B.S-free, spam-free emails written with love