The Solution For Staying On Track…Always!

Traveling? Short on time and need to exercise at home? Have a small space and limited equipment? Piece of cake.
Resistance bands are great because they provide your muscles with a new stimulus: variable resistance. As the band lengthens, the resistance increases. This is a great way to change up your workout and give your body something new. Bands are also great because of their convenience; they can transform any space into a gym space!

This workout was designed for an intermediate fitness level. You can make it harder or easier to match your needs by:

    • Increasing or decreasing the number repetitions
    • Increasing or decreasing the number of sets
    • Increasing or decreasing the resistance band level
    • Increasing or decreasing the speed of your repetitions

    This workout is perfect for you if:

    • You need a fitness solution for travel
    • Are beginner to intermediate fitness level
    • Prefer to work out at home
    • Have limited space for workouts

    Do it Right

    In order to get the best workout possible, it’s important to get a high quality resistance band. We choose Spri because they are extremely well made and we’ve never seen one break! They are very consistent and have the perfect resistance. Below are the recommended resistance levels that work for nearly everyone. Be sure to order the door attachment as well as it gives you nearly endless exercise options.

    The Workout

    • Complete 1 set of each exercise, in order, as noted above
    • Rest for 30 seconds at the end of the first circuit
    • Complete 2 more rounds resting for 30 seconds between circuits
    • Complete a total of 3 circuit rounds

    Tutorial Videos

    Everything you need to Do it Right!

    In the videos below, you’ll learn directly from Holly Perkins how to execute your moves with excellent technique.

    Be sure to bookmark this page for easy reference from your smartphone when you are at the gym!