Happy Thanksgiving Recovery Week!!! This is the week when you get BACK ON TRACK with your eating and workouts so that you can enjoy the December holidays guilt free. It’s so easy to continue the celebratory eating this week and just say “Ah, what the hell, I’ll get back on track next year.” Stop yourself right there, put your foot down and say, “NO! I’m getting back on track right now because I deserve to feel better and reach my goals.”

Today I’ve got five amazing strength exercises for you that will help you to do just that. These five moves are really interesting because I would classify them as traditional “dude moves.” These exercises are usually the foundation for most men and you’ll most likely recognize them all.

What’s interesting about these moves is that they are fantastic for women as well if you are looking to improve your strength, total body function and overall fitness. I LOVE these moves and use them regularly. Check out the full length video tutorials for these moves below!

There is one thing to note about these moves is important. These are the very same moves that I sometimes tell women to avoid. Seems confusing, right? But hear me out: The five moves that I’m talking about today can sometimes cause muscle growth in areas that many women don’t want. For example, a traditional Bench Press movement has a tendency to build up muscle, and cause a little bit of “spillover” where your bra or tank top meets the front of your shoulder and under arm. Some women want to avoid this. Therefore, I tell those women to skip this move.

Now, personally, I’ve gotten to the place in my life where I want to feel good and STRONG. And most of the time I don’t care if I have spillover anywhere if I know it’s coming from muscle development. Therefore, I LOVE Bench Press because it makes me strong, and keep my Shoulders feeling aligned and healthy. I love every single one of the moves that I’m talking about today because they me SO GOOD, and I know they’ll do it for you too.

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Stay strong, friend. 

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