Have an old Shoulder injury that is still lingering? Do you suffer from annoying strains and pains in your neck? Or, do you want to bullet proof your Shoulders from future injury?

Having a strong and solid Shoulder “girdle” is a powerful foundation for everything.

All upper body movement – both in the gym, and out – needs a firm foundation to move from. How your Arms anchor into your torso is very important. This gives you something stable to push and pull from so that you fire up the proper muscles, and don’t over use other muscles.

A great deal of neck and Shoulder discomfort comes from poor alignment around your Shoulders. See, all of the big and little muscles that surround this complex joint need to be strong in order to prevent muscle drag and strain.

If you sit at a desk all day long, it’s critical that the “posterior” aspect of your Shoulder joints are super strong in order to withstand all of the forward movement and leaning that occurs with the typical desk activities.

If you want to be safe and sound all day long as you pick up and carry groceries or heavy items, you’ve got to be doing some of these moves.

And, if you want to make sure that your upper body has fantastic alignment before you start doing more complex exercises, be sure to do these moves for 1-2 months before starting more advanced workouts.

This is a foundational Shoulder workout that I recommend anytime I have a client who is returning from an injury, or is having neck, Shoulder and upper back problems. This workout comes from many years of working with physical therapists and is one of the best approaches to better Shoulders.

Oh, and your Arms and Shoulders are going to look great too!

Be sure to check out the full length Video Tutorials for this workout below!

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Stay strong, friend. 

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