In last week’s newsletter, I shared how to get a Bikini Ready Booty.

During last week’s episode of LIVE with Holly, one of the community members requested that I cover Abs next. So tahdahhhhh! Ask and you shall receive!

This week I’ll be talking all about some pretty interesting concepts around getting your Abs to look great for summer.

Did you see last week’s LIVE with Holly on how to get a Bikini Ready Booty? It was SO good. You can check it out HERE.

On the Blog, I’m also sharing FIVE exercises that I rely on when I want a client’s Abs to change. These are my top 5 moves that I know will truly change your midsection over time.

But first, you should check out the video I made for this topic. Check out this week’s new video. 

Then, be sure to look below to check out my top 5 moves that make a huge difference in changing your mid-section.

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Stay strong, friend.  

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Be sure to check out “LIVE with Holly” HERE!

Below are 5 of my favorite strength exercises that make a huge difference in changing the look and function of your mid-section.

Aim to complete these moves 1-2 times every week for a total of 3-5 sets each. Choose weight loads where it’s difficult to complete 10-12 reps per set, and be sure to rest for 30-60 seconds between sets!