Take Progress Photos

Progress Photos are an essential part of your transformation. Holly uses these to assess your muscular strengths and weaknesses, as well as any postural misalignments. A picture is truly worth a thousand words and by sending your pics to Holly she is able to create magic within your customized plan.

Follow the instructions below, then please email your Progress Photos to Holly at holly@hollyperkins.com

Wear the same apparel every time you take Progress Photos. Good options are a bikini; bra and underwear; sports bra and tight fitting shorts.

Frame the photo so that your head touches the top and your feet are cut off, showing your ankles at the bottom of the frame.

Position your camera at the height of your belly approximately 5 feet away.

Take all progress photos at the same time of day so that the lighting is consistent.

Please observe arm and hand position in the photo examples below.


Complete the Questionnaire

To create a truly unique program that addresses all of your specific needs, Holly has some questions. Well, many questions actually.

Please put your life on hold for about 10 minutes and give Holly some insight into your lifestyle, dreams, and goals.

Click HERE to access the questionnaire.


Schedule Your Call

Get ready! If you’d like, you can download my 6 Week Interim Workout to use before or after the plan that I’ll be creating for you.

You can grab a copy of it HERE.

Once I have your starting photos and the answers to the questionnaire, I will deliver your program to you within 5-10 business days!