Genetic Testing and The Future of Health and Fitness

Do you feel like there is something unusual about your body that sets it apart from other women?

Do you feel like your body operates very differently from the women you know?

Is there something a bit…off…about your body that you just haven’t figured out?


While we are joined together by the commonalities of being a human, we are also wildly, mind-boggling-ly unique.

You truly are one-of-a-kind – yes, I am taking sides with your mother and agree with her completely. You. Are. Unique. In your efforts to eat right, lose weight and get fit, it’s a great idea to follow the rules that experts like me talk about. Yes, it’s wise to drink water, eat vegetables, exercise and manage stress.

But if you are doing all of those things and still feel frustrated by the results, it might be time to take a closer look at what makes your body unique.

Imagine if you had access to the very same tests that researchers and doctors have used for years in their efforts to prove theories. Wouldn’t it be revolutionary if you could learn exactly why your body behaves the way it does regarding fitness and nutrition?

Imagine no longer, the future of health and fitness is here.

Several months ago, a new company that is offering genetic testing directly to consumers contacted me. It sounded waaaaay too good to be true, but I was intrigued so I investigated, and spoke directly with the company’s CEO. Impressed by him and the company’s approach, I agreed to take their home genetic testing kit.

A simple testing kit arrived at my house about a week later. Utilizing a large Q-tip-like swab, I took a sample of saliva and placed it in the vial provided. The small kit comes in a return mailer with postage paid, so all I had to do was drop it in the mail.

Two weeks later I received via email a 50-page report on ME. It explained in easy to understand language exactly how my body responds to carbohydrates, fat and protein. It also explained exactly how my body responds to cardio and strength workouts. While I was shocked at the answer, I also learned the exact macronutrient breakdown that is best in order to optimize my body in order to lose weight.

What is even more shocking is how my life has changed since I started implementing the things I learned from the test.


If you are struggling with losing weight, getting fit, or finding the right way to eat for your life, consider doing the home genetic testing kit that I offer in my Shop here on my site. I believe in this test so much that I am offering it at wholesale price to the members of this community.

 I have found the information provided in the 50-page report to be so accurate and insightful that I recommend it to all of my private clients, friends and family. In my opinion, it should be the very first step you take in your health and fitness efforts.

Without real, DNA-based information on your body, finding an effective fitness program or eating plan is merely a guessing game. Yes, for twenty years I have had to rely on my experience and general public research to figure out how best to serve my clients. It was always a guessing game. I happen to be really good at educated guessing, but genetic testing removes all blind guesswork.

If you’re curious about how your own DNA is affecting your current nutrition and fitness efforts, and how to maximize your efforts and progress, please consider ordering the kit and getting some real answers.

You can order your home genetic testing kit HERE.

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And lastly,

Today’s #Strengthspo

“It is common sense to take a method and try it. If it fails, admit it frankly and try another. But above all, try something.” Franklin D Roosevelt

Stay strong, friend. 

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