It’s time

When I finally stopped and became conscious, it was disturbing how often the voice in my head said:

“You know you’re capable of doing better. You know you want more for yourself. When will you stop ignoring me?”

It became clear that it had become a sort of mantra on repeat all day, all night. And yet, day after day I continued to avoid the steps that would allow me to achieve the thing that I wanted:

Supreme fitness

Each day that I chose to ignore the voice, was another day that I went to bed knowing that in some way I had let myself down. My head would be filled with all kinds of stuff that seemed more important than my health and fitness goals. At the end of every day I pretended that those “more important things” reduced the voice down to being irrelevant. And yet, every morning I woke up with one thing on my mind:

Supreme fitness

At some point you have to stop the madness and respect what the voice is whispering each day. It wouldn’t be there if it wasn’t important!

The voice in your head is important. It is nudging you towards better. It is the Captain of your very own cheerleading squad who knows that you can win.

It’s time for you to stop the madness and let the voice call the shots for a while.

“You can do it!”

“You DESERVE this”

“Yes, you do want this…”

It’s time for you to put the voice to rest and experience the freedom that comes. THAT is true stress management!

This week, listen to that voice and identify one action that you can take to quiet it. Move more. Lift more. Love more. Be more.

Even if that voice has nothing to do with your fitness, make sure that you take strategic action towards improving your workouts. Your mind and spirit come together in communion with your body when you exercise. Your workouts provide the foundation and impetus for strong mental health and clear emotions.


“If there is an ever present, unrelenting voice in your head that is begging you to move forward, you MUST listen…and take action.” @WStrengthNation

 Need some direction in fitness? Here is my favorite way to construct a week of effective workouts:

  1. How many workouts can you fit in this week – realistically?
  2. 2-4 of those sessions should include full body strength training
  3. At least two of those should include cardio
  4. At least one should include an activity that you absolutely love

If you’re still at a loss for programming, check out The GLUTES Project here in the Shop and the Workouts page for some ideas.

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And lastly,

Today’s #Strengthspo

You deserve to be free from all of the voices in your head. Take action on those that want you to achieve. Confront and disarm those that are self-critical or unproductive.

Stay strong, friend. 

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      • Holly Perkins
        Holly Perkins says:

        Hi Staci! Sorry for delay – it’s been crazy over here since we launched The Project! Yes, you are correct. All new programming – AND you saw the login for the Original GLUTES Project too right? Welcome! THRILLED you’re joining me!


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