The 7 Best Strength Moves for Weight Loss

If your goal is to decrease body fat and or body weight, not all strength workouts are equal. In order to truly increase your basal metabolic rate and create an effective positive hormone response, it’s critical that you use complex, “compound” movements during your strength workouts. These moves require you to use many muscles during the set causing profound changes throughout your body. This is the exact reason why I frequently rely on Deadlifts to create a tight midsection.

Yep, some moves are so good that they improve other muscle groups in addition to the one that it targets!

For example, Deadlifts target your lower body (and Glutes!) AND when done properly and consistently, they also improve your core, back and shoulders! This is one of the moves I rely on to make tummy look great.

When an exercise causes more than one joint to move it is called a “compound” movement. Additionally, when you create movement against a surface that is immobile – such as the floor- it is called a “closed, kinetic chain” movement.

These two kinds of movement patterns are the big winners when it comes to weight loss because they demand so much from you. They force many muscles to WAKE UP and start doing their job. When they do, they cause a major kick-start to your metabolism. If you really want to change your body, your program needs to include these moves.


“Some moves are so good that they improve muscle groups beyond the one they target. Deadlifts hit nearly every muscle!” @WStrengthNation

Check out the video below to learn The 7 Best Strength Moves for Weight Loss.

To get the most from these moves, aim to complete the following workout two times every week for at least 8 weeks.

  1. Deadlift:
    • 4 sets| 10 reps | 1 to 2 min of rest                              
  2. Goblet Squat:
    • 4 sets| 15 reps | 1 min rest 
  3. Walking Lunge:
    • 3 sets| 12 steps for each leg (24 steps total)| 1  min rest
  4. Assisted Pull Up:
    • 3 sets| 12 reps | 1 min rest
  5. Bent Over Barbell Row:
    • 3 sets | 12 reps | 1 min rest
  6. Incline Bench Press:
    • 3 sets | 12 reps | 1 min rest
  7. Barbell Overhead Press:
    • 3 sets | 12 reps | 1 min rest 

Check out how to perform these 7 amazing moves by checking out this video tutorial:

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And lastly,

Today’s #Strengthspo

“Know that your life is magical and amazing, and that the road bumps must occur to slow you down so that you will remember to stop and take in the scenery.”

Stay strong, friend. 

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      Admin says:

      Hello Michele

      You are able to do these exercises with free weights. The mechanics of the movements might be a little different as when using a barbell, but dumbbells will still be super effective!

      Stay STRONG


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