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The goal of Women’s Strength Nation is to offer you a place where you can find everything you need to develop your own kind of STRONG.

As you know, when I use the word “strength” I am rarely talking about just your physical ability. I created Women’s Strength Nation after a long period in my life when I was beat to a pulp. I discovered that my inner strength became strong during the phase that was the hardest on me in life. My gym workouts built my physical strength, and that was what I leaned on when I had no emotional strength left.

Have you also been through one of those rough phases when you honestly weren’t sure how you’d get through?

I credit my workouts as the thing that saved me. Something really special happens when a woman feels strong physically. It truly affects your sense of emotional, personal and spiritual strength.

I am so honored and thrilled that you are part of Women’s Strength Nation.

To celebrate this amazing community, I want to give you a roundup of some of my favorite things that are completely free to you like workouts and fitness advice. I also want to you share with you the Top 3 Most Popular Blogs Ever on the Women’s Strength Nation site.

Think of this blog as the “Best of the Best of WSN” all completely free.

PS! I reserve exclusive content for the Women’s Strength Nation email update. If you want to receive more info that isn’t shared here on the blog, use the sign up form at the top right of this page to enter your first name and email address. Then stay tuned every other week for insights on becoming stronger inside and out.

Top 3 Most Popular Blogs Ever

  1. The Scoop on Muscle Soreness
  2. Where to Start?
  3. 3 Reasons Why You’re Not Seeing Results

#1 Most Watched Video

          The Best Time to Do Cardio

Top 5 Most Popular Exercise Tutorials

  1. Flat Dumbbell Fly
  2. Goblet Squat
  3. Leg Press
  4. Seated Cable Row
  5. Dumbbell Hammer Curl

 Most Comprehensive Workout Playlist

10 Minutes to STRONG 

I’d love to hear from you. Do you take advantage of all of the free things that I create? Are you seeing improvements in your health, fitness, and life from my tips? Please drop me a note via email and share any thoughts that you have. Your feedback powers my To Do list and helps me to create more new free stuff for you.

And if you are struggling to reach your goals, don’t forget that I am available for private coaching. I created a virtual system that allows me to coach women all over the world. I have a proven method that is pretty much guaranteed to get you to your goals if you follow my advice. I work with 4 women each month and am now open for November coaching. If you’d like more info, click HERE.

Women’s Strength Nation is committed to improving the ratio of women to men strength training around the world. You can Join the Movement by sharing your thoughts and questions below. Your thoughts and ideas may help another woman’s journey. Please join the conversation and leave a comment below!

And lastly,

Today’s #Strengthspo

“If you had all the time, money, no fear or worries, and you knew you could not fail – how would you be living your life today?”

~Tony Robbins

Stay strong, friend. 

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