Powerful Beyond Measure

As 2015 comes to a close, I am deeply grateful for all of its gifts. This was the year that Women’s Strength Nation truly launched.

Our message began spreading quickly after our first Women’s Strength Nation LIVE event in May. FitSugar, Livestrong, Buzzfeed, and Women’s Health all gave us great shout outs. Prevention did an entire feature on the power of strength training and Women’s Strength Nation was sited as an influencer. It is clear that women everywhere are eager to learn more about strength training, and are embracing their own personal strength.

Thank you for being a part of this growing community. I hope that you have found strength and inspiration from our email updates and videos. I would love to hear from you. What would you like to see more of next year? Do you find these emails helpful?

I hope that you will take a few minutes this week to reflect upon your 2015. What worked? What didn’t? What were three big events that occurred? And how did they influence you? How has your fitness changed this year as a result of these emails? Simply by reflecting, you will discover your goals for 2016. What are you going to manifest this coming year?

PS! I reserve exclusive content for the Women’s Strength Nation email update. If you want to receive more info that isn’t shared here on the blog, use the sign up form at the top right of this page to enter your first name and email address. Then stay tuned every other week for insights on becoming stronger inside and out.

Women’s Strength Nation is committed to improving the ratio of women to men strength training around the world. You can Join the Movement by sharing your thoughts and questions below. Your thoughts and ideas may help another woman’s journey. Please join the conversation and leave a comment below!

And lastly,

Today’s #Strengthspo

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.”

Stay strong, friend. 

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  1. Jenna
    Jenna says:

    What an amazingly inspirational quote! Thank you for sharing! I intend to shine in 2016 as I find my fit and I begin my 40th year on this planet. Appreciate the weekly inspiration! Happy New Year to you too Holly!

    • Admin
      Admin says:


      Let your 40th year be the best year you’ve had! Thank you for the love and for being a part of Women’s Strength Nation.

      Happy New Year and Stay STRONG!

  2. Paige
    Paige says:

    I found out about Holly two days ago after reading the Jan. issue if Prevention. I purchased Lift To Be Lean and am reading it now. I am ready to make some life changes that involve self-love, strength, feeling beautiful, and many more. I am 45 and want to begin living the life that I have always dreamed of. I am committed to learning strength training and how to take care of myself!

    • Admin
      Admin says:

      Hello Paige,

      So happy to hear that you are ready to make big changes in your life. Stay STRONG and thank you for being a part of Women’s Strength Nation.

      With love


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