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Strength Training Mistakes (Are you making these?)

At the risk of sounding terribly dramatic, I’m gonna go there anyway… Strength training saved my life. For real. And in very big ways. But here’s the thing…in order for strength training to truly serve you, it’s got to be done correctly. As I always say, ANYTHING is better than nothing. As long as you […]

Fitness Over 45 – Getting The Body You Want

Stop. Right. Now. And repeat after me… “Today I am choosing to stop using the excuse that I am too old to achieve the body that I want. Change is possible, and I have influence over how my body feels and what it looks like. I refuse to believe that my health and fitness are […]

The Scoop on Late Night Eating

There is a belief that if you eat at night, you’ll get fat. There is also another belief that eating predominantly carbs at night has some benefits. What’s the scoop!?!?! If you’ve been hanging with me for a while, you can probably guess that I’m going to say, “It depends on your goals!” There are […]

Not Seeing Results?

Some days I wish I were a reality television star who has a camera crew following me at all times. I wish that I could broadcast the conversations I have every day with women just like you. It’s astounding how many women are frustrated because they are taking serious and committed action every day, and […]

Are Abs Created in the Kitchen?

There really is a science to creating a tight, toned and sexy mid section. When I created my best abs at 40, I learned that the recipe was very different than what I thought. I used to think that cardio and ab exercises were the key to making a tight tummy. And was pleasantly surprised […]

Should You Work Out When You’re Sick?

Cold and flu season is upon us and wow it seems like everyone is sick! One of the most frequent questions I get this time of year is “Should I work out when I’m sick? And what kind of workout should I focus on? SUCH a great question! Check out this week’s new video below […]

Curious About Keto?

Updated September 3, 2019 You would have to be living under a rock to not have a friend who is doing “keto” – am I right!? Mark my words right here, today… I believe the popularity of the keto diet is peaking, and we are going to see a decline in the number of people […]