What Burns More Calories – a HIIT or Strength Workout?

This question is SO GOOD and it came directly from one of you! I LOVE when you ask questions and share your comments on my Blog (link below). It gives me so much inspiration and I truly love helping you.

There is so much media these days that talks about big calorie-burn workouts as if that’s the only consideration regarding your fitness programming.

Keep in mind that there was a very powerful article a while back in the New York Times that made a very strong argument that exercise is not the most powerful weapon on the weight loss game.

Said another way,

If weight loss if your goal, you are better served by getting real serious about your nutrition, rather than trying to burn off the calories that you’ve already eaten.

Truly, you can’t outrun a bad diet. Hear me loud and clear,

Adding more minutes to your workout in order to “burn off” the extra food (or booze) that you had last weekend is a very ineffective approach in weight loss.

Sure, you’ll get more fit by adding time or intensity to your workouts, but, it’s not a perfect equation if you are trying burn off extra food.

I’ve got lots more cool info in this week’s video. Check it out below!

I’m curious to hear from you. Are you primarily concerned with “burning calories”??? Please click on the video below and share your thoughts in the Comments section at the bottom of the page!

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Stay strong, friend. 

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  1. Jess
    Jess says:

    Wow! Very insightful. I love the idea that I’m continuing to burn calories many, many hours after my strength training workout.

    • Admin
      Admin says:

      Thank you so much for tuning in and for being a part of my inner circle.

      Hope I was able to give you some tools on what would be best for you.

      In strength,


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