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How to Avoid Carb Cravings

I’m dying to hear how your new year is starting off! Have you found some momentum this week with your new year’s goals? Or, are you like many, struggling to get the mojo movin’? In either case, it’s ALL good. High fives to you if you are rolling into 2018 already! And if you’re struggling […]

How to Set and Achieve Your Goals

Are you ready to reach your goals in 2018!? I know I am! One of the most important things you absolutely must do is to sit down with a piece of paper and write out (yes, by hand!) your exact goals. What exactly do you truly want for yourself? And precisely why do you want […]

Holiday Gift Guide

Each week I get asked about some of my favorite “go-to” products that help me and my clients stay on track towards better health. As you know, the tools and resources that you rely on very much influence your path to success. Every single item on my list is something that I live and swear […]

The Best Way to Target Belly Fat

A funny thing happens when I am socializing and meeting new people. As soon as they learn what I do for a living, they immediately ask me their most burning question about their own fitness efforts. And nearly every time, the question is, “How do I get rid of THIS?”- and they grab their belly […]

Is Your Cardio Causing Burnout?

Cardio workouts are a very valuable part of a well-rounded exercise program. In my experience, fat-burning is the LEAST valuable reason for your cardio sesh. Top Reasons for Doing Cardio It promotes a sense of well being It improves blood sugar stabilization It promotes heart health It helps you recover from other workouts  While cardio […]