How to Avoid Carb Cravings

I’m dying to hear how your new year is starting off! Have you found some momentum this week with your new year’s goals? Or, are you like many, struggling to get the mojo movin’? In either case, it’s ALL good. High fives to you if you are rolling into 2018 already! And if you’re struggling to get yourself on track, remember:

Achieving your ideals for health, fitness, weight loss and wellness is a journey that takes time. There is no finish line and you are a work in progress. I always say, it took me a million little baby steps (and 46 years!) to get to my current picture of health and fitness.

I do know that a very large piece of any health and fitness puzzle is getting your nutrition right for your body. Regardless of your body’s quirks and needs, you will feel better, have more energy, have a clearer mind, and less hunger if you get your blood sugar stabilized.

In my experiences from coaching women for 23+ years, I have found that nearly all hunger and carb cravings come from unstable blood sugar. If you want to reduce your cravvvvvings, you’ve got to get your blood sugar nice and stable all day long.

Click below to check out this week’s video to learn some very important steps to getting your blood sugar in check.

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Stay strong, friend.

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