Is Your Cardio Causing Burnout?

Cardio workouts are a very valuable part of a well-rounded exercise program.

In my experience, fat-burning is the LEAST valuable reason for your cardio sesh.

Top Reasons for Doing Cardio

  • It promotes a sense of well being
  • It improves blood sugar stabilization
  • It promotes heart health
  • It helps you recover from other workouts

 While cardio workouts are super important, there is also a potential downside to look out for.

Lately I’ve been getting many calls from potential coaching clients who are reporting an alarming kind of exhaustion. The kind of hair-pulling, exasperated exhaustion that we’ve all felt from time to time.

The concern is when this type of exhaustion become chronic. Sound familiar?

It’s totally normal to feel generalized fatigue from time to time throughout the week. The problem is when the fatigue feels crippling and unbearable.

If this applies to you, please CLICK BELOW and check out this week’s video.

I share with you how to discern between normal fatigue, and the kind of crushing exhaustion that I’m actually talking about here.

I also give you some parameters on how to avoid this kind of fallout from your cardio sessions.

This is a great; I hope you’ll check it out now!

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Stay strong, friend. 

Want to hear even more on this topic? Be sure to check out my LIVE with Holly HERE!

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