Exactly How I Transformed My Body This Summer

If you’ve been following along with me with summer you’ve seen my incredible body transformation.

In one month’s time, I dropped a total of 15 pounds, cured severe allergies, reduced my candida overgrowth, improved muscle definition, improved energy and digestion. It was a RADICAL transformation that radically changed my life.

Beyond the physical changes, what’s more profound is the emotional power that has emerged.

The sense of accomplishment that you feel when you reach a body goal is remarkable. The feeling of mastery that comes when you reach a new level of health and fitness is unlike any other.

When you feel powerful in your body your life changes. And you deserve to experience this.

At the beginning of this year I was in a bad place. A series of life circumstances demanded that I needed to take time off from the gym. I also needed to forget any health goals, and eat – and drink – with abandon. I needed the extended time off, but it left me in a troubling place. It left me tired and cranky, unable to concentrate, and needing more sleep than ever. The sum total was a very unhappy Holly.

From tragedy comes triumph, and my rock-bottom at the start of this year inspired me to create a comprehensive fitness and nutrition plan to get back on track. I created for myself a 12 week Strength and Cardio Plan to get my fitness back. I also created a brand new Eating Plan to support my workouts.

I wanted to get back on track and reach the next level in my health and fitness journey. I desperately wanted a comeback.

And The Comeback was born.

The 12 week programming of The Comeback plan laid the foundation to my recent body transformation. Because of The Comeback I was able to get back on my A-game and reach a whole new level in my health, fitness and spirit.

In March of this year, 37 women joined me for the first round of The Comeback. I lead this incredible group of women through all 12 weeks of programming and the results were astounding. See what some of the women have to say:

“After The Comeback I am stronger, leaner, happier, more confident and able to perform exercises without pain in my lower back, hip and knees.  The Comeback was a gift I gave myself and I’m not looking back!”


“Not only did I lean out and tone up my body, I balanced my hormones and stabilized my blood sugar; things that I was never able to do before The Comeback. The benefits are endless. I’m sleeping better, my skin glows, I don’t fall into bed every night exhausted, I have no more digestive issues, I’m nicer to my husband (#truth), and best of all, I’ve been able to maintain my success on The Comeback after completing it months ago!”


“My name is Judy and I am 63 years old. The most important thing I learned during The Comeback is that it takes a combination of cardio, strength training and nutrition to get positive results to achieve your goal. What I loved most about The Comeback was how much Holly was invested in the program and dedicated to our success. I looked forward to the coaching calls. She provides numerous recipes and workouts which will appeal to women of all fitness levels regardless of where they are in their health and wellness journey.  I look forward to the Comeback II!”


The Comeback was such a huge success that we are doing another round starting in two weeks! On September 18th, I will be leading another group of incredible women through my proven 12 week program The Comeback!

The Comeback II gives you all new programming that includes:

  • Progressive 12 week Strength Plan with video tutorials
  • Personalized 12 week Cardio Plan for your goals
  • Tons of guidance on my Eating Plan that will literally change your life
  • Live coaching calls with me for you to ask questions and get support
  • Access into the private Facebook group for life

I have so much planned for The Comeback II and cannot wait to get started. I would LOVE for you to join me.

If you’d like to learn more, please CLICK HERE to find out everything you need to know.

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I’ve got lots more cool info in this week’s video. Check it out below! I’m curious to hear from you. Do you feel ready for a comeback? If you didn’t reach your goals for summer, now is the time to fix that! Please click on the video below and share your thoughts in the Comments section at the bottom of the page!

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And lastly,

Today’s #Strengthspo

“Progress rarely happens inside of your comfort zone. Magic happens when you are brave enough to leap…before the net appears.”

Holly Perkins

Stay strong, friend. 

Want to hear even more on this topic? Be sure to check out my LIVE with Holly HERE! 

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