The Best Way to Target Belly Fat

A funny thing happens when I am socializing and meeting new people. As soon as they learn what I do for a living, they immediately ask me their most burning question about their own fitness efforts.

And nearly every time, the question is,

“How do I get rid of THIS?”- and they grab their belly fat.

This question has become so common that I see it coming a mile away!

For some strange reason, we HATE belly fat. I’m pretty sure it ranks number 1 on the list of “body fat trouble zones” for women.

The first think you need to remember is this: Reducing belly fat is not a simple science. It takes strategy, consistent actions and time.

The great news is that I happen to be really good in this area and have a very specific action plan for you.

CLICK BELOW on the video image to hear my exact protocol for targeting belly fat.

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Stay strong, friend. 

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  1. Lisa Alexander
    Lisa Alexander says:

    I seem to be satisfied keeping the fat content low. I do 2 dumbbell/barbell workouts each week, and run about 3 miles 2-3 times each week. I thought I needed to increase my protein about 10% each day above that for a sedentary person. Is that right? Therefore, ususally, my carb content is not a whole lot more than the protein.


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