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Exactly How I Transformed My Body This Summer

If you’ve been following along with me with summer you’ve seen my incredible body transformation. In one month’s time, I dropped a total of 15 pounds, cured severe allergies, reduced my candida overgrowth, improved muscle definition, improved energy and digestion. It was a RADICAL transformation that radically changed my life. Beyond the physical changes, what’s […]

What Does Lifting “Heavy” Mean, Exactly?

I am THRILLED to see the words “lift heavy” in the media and on blogs and websites almost daily. You know that you need to be strength training. And that means you need to be using weights that truly challenge you. We now have tons of proven research that shows strength training is a powerful […]

WHY I Lost 12 pounds in under 3 weeks | Part 2

Last week I shared all the juicy details on exactly how I lost 12 pounds in under 3 weeks. To bring us completely up to date, I have officially lost a full 15 lbs in under one month. I don’t say this brag AT ALL. I share this with you because I know my methods […]

How I Lost 12 Pounds in 3 Weeks

You’ve probably noticed some changes in my body over the past few weeks. Big things are a-happening over here! In no way, shape or form, am I bragging. Instead, I NEED to share some information with you because I know that it will help. On July 19th I woke up ready for change. It came […]

Is Comparison Robbing You of Joy?

It’s a pretty darn unhealthy habit and it’s born into us: comparison. It shows up almost as a compulsion, and we do it almost unconsciously most of the time. AND IT ROBS YOU OF HAPPINESS! Imagine how different your life would be if you STOPPED relating yourself to anything around you? What if you stopped […]

Get Results Faster by Focusing On Just This

I want more bang for my buck. I want to get the most out of every effort. If I’m going to go to the gym, I need to know that every minute there will bring me the most results, as fast as possible. You too? Your Glutes are designed by nature to be the biggest […]

3 Keys to Busting Cellulite

Please repeat after me: “Cellulite is NOT hereditary.” “Cellulite is simply body fat and I CAN change it.” Doesn’t that feel better? The truth is, nearly every single client I have every worked with in the past 20+ years has some degree of cellulite. Personally, mine comes and goes depending on my lifestyle. It pretty […]