How I Lost 12 Pounds in 3 Weeks

You’ve probably noticed some changes in my body over the past few weeks. Big things are a-happening over here!

In no way, shape or form, am I bragging. Instead, I NEED to share some information with you because I know that it will help.

On July 19th I woke up ready for change. It came after months of plotting, plan making and wishing for change. Months and months of “trying to get on track” finally came together and boom, I was committed. From that moment on, I was 100% determined to follow my workout and eating plans.

And the weight literally fell off over the course of about 2-3 weeks.

When it comes to weight loss and body transformation, there are two angles that are important:

  1. Physiology
  2. Psychology

Physiology concerns all of the “nuts and bolts” strategy like the fitness program you’re following, your eating plan, how many calories, how much cardio, and the like. I find that this is not where most people struggle. If you are moving more, and eating just a bit less, you will most likely lose weight if you stay consistent.

Psychology concerns all of the voices, conversations and thoughts in your head and heart! This is where it gets confusing, and where most of my clients struggle. This is also the place where big change can occur.

This is the first of a two-part series on all of the details on exactly how I lost 12+ pounds in under 3 weeks.

 This week I am talking mostly about the nuts and bolts tactics (Physiology) that helped me lose so much weight easily. Next week I will be talking more about the mental strategies (Psychology) that lead to making it happen.

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And lastly,

Today’s #Strengthspo

“If we did all the things we are capable of doing, we would literally astonish ourselves.”

Thomas Edison

Stay strong, friend. 

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3 replies
  1. Dana
    Dana says:

    Congrats Holly, that is awesome and you look amazing. Would love to learn more about the genetic testing, but it looks to be a pretty expensive service. Is there anything else you have found that gave you similar insight?

    • Holly P
      Holly P says:

      HI Dana!
      Yes, the testing is an investment. It is an invaluable tool to get REAL concrete information about YOUR body and there really isn’t any substitute here. You can research other tests or companies and maybe you’ll find cheaper, but this is the one that I use and know is accurate. I also offer it dirt cheap – even cheaper than what the company offer the public. IN order to get accurate information on the macros needed for YOUR body, you will need to do a DNA test of some sort. If there was any other better option I would be recommending that instead. At this time, this is the best that I’m aware of. If you do some research and find something else, please let us know!


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