Yesterday morning started just like any other day. I hopped on my favorite machine at the gym to do some cardio and catch up on the news.

It was one of those days: I had just started my period; I was over-caffeinated, under-slept and seriously existential.

Ladies, can I get a “Oh, hell no!”

The news was reporting a depressing mix of death, continued ISIS crisis, Ferguson protests, and 2016 elections commentary. The perfect storm was brewing inside of me, and my delicate emotional side was getting ready to burst at all of the tragedy.

In an effort to avoid massive crocodile tears and the potential of looking like a crazy person, I instead turned on my tunes. Appropriately, one of my absolute favorite songs was first to play.

I zoned out and went into my cardio-induced land of deep thoughts. For the past two years I have been obsessed with coming to understand exactly why I am here. Truly, what is my purpose? Exactly, what makes me happy? Specifically, where should I devote my time, energy and love?

I tapped into the sensitive soul inside of me, and realized how lucky we are for every moment that we have. I realized how lucky we are to be gifted with these beautiful, powerful, capable, intelligent, strong bodies to use for this brief life.

For me, fitness is a daily celebration of God’s expression through my body. It truly is a spiritual practice. I decided to honor this gift of life by cranking up my cardio to see how long and how fast I could get my heart rate beating. Your heart is the very engine that keeps your body, and your soul, moving forward. I pushed myself really hard for 35 minutes.

Over and over I listened to the same song. The combination of hormones, tragedy, a beating heart, and a capable body, took me to a transcendent place.

This life is amazing. But only if you let your heart beat fast and allow the music play LOUDLY.

I ask you to stop right now for four minutes. Just for a moment, put aside your To Do’s, your worries, your “yuck” feelings, and hit play on the video below. I dare you to risk looking like a crazy person.

Turn up the volume. Get out of your chair.


Because you can.



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