The Ultimate Pool Workout

Summer is SOOOOO close! Can you feel it!?

This year take advantage of every pool opp you get. Want 3 reasons why?

  1. 30-minutes of sun exposure directly to skin is great for vitamin D and serotonin levels. This means more happy time!
  2. You now have The Ultimate Pool Workout so you have no excuses for skipping a workout!
  3. Wearing a bathing suit in public might just be one of the bravest things a woman can do. It’s your chance to breathe deep, connect with the part of you that knows you look fantastic, and own it. The action of stepping out in your bathing suit is a statement to yourself that you are fierce, confident, and beautiful.

Once upon a time pool workouts were the hallmark of “seniors fitness” and a hot young thing like yourself might scoff. Thankfully, times have changed and Women’s Strength Nation is introducing you to Pool Fitness 2.0.

Pool workouts are AHMAYZING. In fact, Holly Perkins used them to maintain her fitness when she was nursing dual knee injuries. Keep in mind the following:

3 Tips for an Effective Pool Workout

  • The water serves as your resistance, and by moving more forcefully you increase the work level. Aim to make big, forceful movements to ensure a challenge
  • Fast movements like jogging in place and jumping jacks will increase your heart rate like crazy. Move quickly for a great cardio sesh
  • Get creative and use stairs, railings and walls to create pushing and pulling moves that mimic traditional “on land” exercises

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And lastly,

Today’s #Strengthspo

Taking action is the cause of confidence, not the result of it.

Stay strong, friend. 

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