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The goal of Women’s Strength Nation is to help you discover and cultivate inner personal strength so that you can show up for life even bigger, better and bolder that you do now. The Dalai Lama was quoted saying, “The world will be saved by the Western woman” at a women’s conference in Vancouver several years ago. The wise one was saying that the women of our nation are in a very special place to step up, step out and lead the world to a better place.

I believe that a commitment to strength training is a powerful way towards this reality. Crippled in terror of my 40th birthday, I chose to step up and change my future. I decided to step out, take action and make myself better so that I could try to make the world better. I arrived on my 40th birthday in the best shape of my life because of strength training. It literally changed my life. I spoke with a woman last week that is going through some tough personal struggles. She is trying very hard to stay committed to her fitness and strength training program, but she finds it difficult on days when she is particularly “beat up.” Some days are harder than others emotionally for her and those are the days when she has a tendency to skip a workout. I shared my story with her. As my 40th birthday was approaching, I too was going through some major personal struggles. I was so committed to my body transformation that I would show up for my workouts even on my hardest days when I was emotionally beat up. While it was hard to show up for those workouts, the showing up was precisely the recipe for my life transformation.

When you show up for something that is good for you, but challenging, a kind of magic occurs. It is when things are hard that amazing energy springs forward. When you are the most stressed, the most tired, the most run down, the most overwhelmed, you MUST show up for your workouts. This is what changes your life and transforms your body. When you show up for yourself you demonstrate respect and care for yourself. When you step up and commit to taking your body to the next level, you open up a crazy box of magic. Your life will change in profound ways as you become stronger physically. Your physical strength is the very catalyst to you stepping up to share strength with the world. The world will be saved by the Western woman.

If you have been following a fitness program it is common to face times of waning commitment. You might find that some days you just don’t feel like stepping up. Some days it’s just so hard to show up for workouts. I know because I find myself there too! When you face a day like this, stop for a moment and confront yourself. Ask yourself what it is that you truly want. Do you truly want to skip the workout because you are tired? Or would you rather wake up tomorrow morning feeling empowered because you stepped up and showed up for your workout…and yourself?

I saw this excerpt today and for some reason it really stuck with me.

Repeat after me:
“I promise that I will realize and use my power.”

The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don’t have any. In a world filled with doubt, you must dare to dream. In a world filled with anger, you must dare to forgive. In a world filled with hate, you must dare to love. In a world filled with distrust, you must dare to believe. And once you do, you will find that power you once thought you lacked.

I would love to hear from you. What is it that goes through your head on days when you are tempted to skip your workout? What is the most common reason that you are faced with on these days? Tell me your thoughts in the Comments below.


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