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Genetic Testing and The Future of Health and Fitness

Do you feel like there is something unusual about your body that sets it apart from other women? Do you feel like your body operates very differently from the women you know? Is there something a bit…off…about your body that you just haven’t figured out? ME TOO! While we are joined together by the commonalities […]

Strength Training, But Not Seeing Results?

Updated August 6, 2019 Doing ALL the things? Lifting (as you should be) regularly, but not really seeing the gorgeous muscle that you’re after? You’ve been going at it for a while now (longer than 2-3 months) and yet, you’re not seeing the lean, toned muscle that you expected? You’re not alone! Creating the lean, […]

How to ACHIEVE Your Goals

I gave up the notion of New Year’s Resolutions in 1998. I remember the moment exactly. I was sitting in my teeny tiny bedroom on 85th Street and Riverside Drive in New York City. I chose to spend New Year’s Eve alone because I wanted to reflect on the year and make my list of […]