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20 Minute Strength Workout for Women

Guess What!? As I always say: (Tweetable) “ANY exercise is better than no exercise!” ~ @HollyPerkins via @WStrengthNation” Short on time these days? I have just the solution for you! Check out the brand new video below for a do-anywhere, do-anytime 20 Minute Strength Workout! I’ll show you exactly what to do and all you […]

Lots of Free Stuff

The goal of Women’s Strength Nation is to offer you a place where you can find everything you need to develop your own kind of STRONG. As you know, when I use the word “strength” I am rarely talking about just your physical ability. I created Women’s Strength Nation after a long period in my […]

How to Get Rid of Muscle Soreness FAST

Muscle soreness is NOT an indication of a good workout. You can have an excellent workout and feel little or no muscle soreness in the days following. Tweetable: “Muscle soreness is a sign that you 1) did something NEW or 2) pushed your body beyond its current ability. It is NOT proof of a good […]

Lifting Will Make You Happier

What if you had the ability to change your thoughts and emotions simply by taking action with your body? A long, deep belly breath could instantly shift your panic to power. Regular strength workouts would knock out thoughts of self-doubt, and create feelings of fortitude. After 20 years of coaching women (and over 40 years […]

This ONE THING will bring you success

During those moments when you want to take action towards your goal but you don’t, what goes on inside of your head? You know that part of you wants to work out, and yet your motivation is nowhere to be found. Part of you does want to choose lean protein and vegetables, but instead you […]

The 7 Best Strength Moves for Weight Loss

If your goal is to decrease body fat and or body weight, not all strength workouts are equal. In order to truly increase your basal metabolic rate and create an effective positive hormone response, it’s critical that you use complex, “compound” movements during your strength workouts. These moves require you to use many muscles during […]

It’s time

When I finally stopped and became conscious, it was disturbing how often the voice in my head said: “You know you’re capable of doing better. You know you want more for yourself. When will you stop ignoring me?” It became clear that it had become a sort of mantra on repeat all day, all night. […]