What’s the Difference Between Home and Gym Workouts?

Is there really a difference between strength training workouts at home versus going to a gym? Yes!

Can you get an effective strength workout at home? Yes!

Will you be better served going to a gym if you can? Yes!

 Check out this week’s video below to learn the in’s and out’s of your strength training workout options.

 Do you love your gym workouts? Me too! Check out my list of important machines that will help you truly build real strength.

BONUS: Click the link next to each exercise below to check out my Video Tutorial!

5 Essential Gym Machines for Women to Build Strength

  1. Leg Press https://youtu.be/fM2WvgirlLM
  2. Cable Lat Pulldown https://youtu.be/l1b1FwNbsm0
  3. Seated Overhead Press https://youtu.be/f7mWlTe_MKA
  4. Leg Curl https://youtu.be/0fwARVJ6RYQ
  5. Flat Bench Press https://youtu.be/EPetH7lopsE

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And lastly,

Today’s #Strengthspo

“Trees that are slow to grow bear the best fruit.”

― Molière

Stay strong, friend. 

4 replies
  1. Lisa Alexander
    Lisa Alexander says:

    I know my fitness journey is not complete. I’ve been running consistently for about 2 years. That was a big step for me. Then as I gained more info on how to improve my fitness I learned the value of strength training. At home I think will be a bridge for me to work up to getting more into weights at the gym. However, for now without some of the knowledge I have for the home strength workouts I think it would be too big of a task to add to my running. I, definetly, plan to use your book in the future for the gym.

    Another thing sort of keeping me around home now is that I think some of the body weight exercises I started with were too hard for me or I was trying to do too many sets or reps. I started by learning body weight exercises from male figures and places like Runners’ World. I was getting sore too much and I think trying to progress too fast for my fitness level. I am 55 yrs. old and I have learned how to tell when taking on a new exercise when I may be taking on too much at one time. However, I am surely getting to where I want to be. It will be very helpful if you continue to give tips on both home and gym workouts.

    • Holly Perkins
      Holly Perkins says:

      Hi Lisa! Thank you SO much for sharing your story here! It does sound like maybe you were jumping in too quickly with some of the exercises. Soreness is a great indication of how strenuous the workout was. I love that you are doing body weight moves mostly to improve your strength. That’s the best way to start. Start slow and aim for doing exercises every other day for a TOTAL of 50-75 repetitions from all exercises. For example, if you choose 5 different exercises, you could do 10 reps for each move. Then, as the weeks progress, aim to increase your total number of reps from all moves. Once you are able to complete 150 reps you could consider adding more exercises, more reps, or adding some light weight. I hope this helps, and yes, we will continue to share gym and home workouts for you! (Holly P)


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