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3 Reasons Why You CRAVE Carbs

I remember one day in my twenties I was exhausted to the point where I crashed on my couch and could not stop thinking about lemon pound cake. I had gone for an 8 mile run in Central Park in the morning (on an empty stomach) and waited until noon to eat lunch (a salad). […]

3 Things to Say When You’re Down on Yourself

Down on Yourself? Repeat After Me Last year I became crystal clear on the Hater inside of me. I went through a phase of some serious hatin’ on no one other than…myself. Through the process I learned that 1) self-loathing is very much a part of the human condition. It’s a concept that we all […]

Why Your Glutes Are The Solution to Your Goals

An object in motion tends to stay in motion…unless exerted upon it an equal and opposing force. Were you in motion before the holidays? Did the opposing force of holiday season get the best of you? If so, NO worries! It’s life, it cycles and there ya go! The key is to put your foot […]

Powerful Beyond Measure

As 2015 comes to a close, I am deeply grateful for all of its gifts. This was the year that Women’s Strength Nation truly launched. Our message began spreading quickly after our first Women’s Strength Nation LIVE event in May. FitSugar, Livestrong, Buzzfeed, and Women’s Health all gave us great shout outs. Prevention did an […]

Do You Ever Feel NOT Good Enough?

One of the deepest fears that every human has is rejection. And when you think about it, rejection can take soooooo many forms. It is built into our DNA and can show up many, many times each day. Do you ever do or say something to someone in an effort to be accepted by him […]

Where to Start?

You can build personal, inner strength from physical strength created in the gym. In fact, this is precisely how I survived two very difficult years of my life. During a coaching call last week with one of my clients, I shared my personal story on how strength training became my metaphor for life. In order […]

Fight Off Sick and Stay Fit

Women’s Strength Nation is committed to helping you feel strong in every aspect of your life. Yes, part of feeling strong is related to physical strength from workouts. For me, feeling strong on a personal level is completely dependent on my health and energy. If I don’t feel physically well….well, the whole world feels like […]

The Scoop on Muscle Soreness

Ugh! That dreaded feeling when you sit down and discover muscles that you didn’t know you had! Muscle soreness is so common and yet it doesn’t have to be. In fact, it is absolutely not the sign of an effective workout. Without getting technical, at all, muscle soreness is essentially the “damage” from activity. It’s […]

When to Do Cardio

Ugh! Cardio! It’s such a confusing topic, right? Cardio workouts are a critical component to your overall health, wellness and sense of “I’m awesome!” Some of the benefits of cardio that many people don’t know are: • Cardio causes your body temperature to change and therefore helps to improve your natural circadian rhythms • Cardio […]

It’s Time to Make That Change!

You may call me psychic because I know that there is something in your life that you want to change. There is something about your current position in the scheme of the universe that you wish was different. Maybe it’s your health. Or, how about your fitness? Could it be your job? If not, what […]