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3 Reasons You’re Not Seeing Results

Motivation is a very mysterious lady. You know she exists, and sometimes she comes in so strong and whips you into shape, and sometimes she takes a vaca to some remote desert island without cell reception. Research has proven that Will Power is exhaustible. Yep, that means that even with every ounce of determination, you […]

Your Booty is SO Important!

Consider your muscles the very machinery that powers your metabolism. Also consider your muscles like a chemistry lab where all of the good little hormones, neurotransmitters and body chemicals begin brewing. As if that’s not good enough, you can consider your muscles a true and certain entrance to the path that ends with “I’m strong!” […]

How Many Strength Workouts You Need

Research continues to prove the incredible benefits of strength training. In fact, I say: Strength training is as critical to your overall health and wellbeing as annual checkups, pap smears and mammograms. The big question is, how much time do you need to spend strength training each week to get these amazing benefits. Women respond […]


Yesterday morning started just like any other day. I hopped on my favorite machine at the gym to do some cardio and catch up on the news. It was one of those days: I had just started my period; I was over-caffeinated, under-slept and seriously existential. Ladies, can I get a “Oh, hell no!” The […]

“Am I Doing This Exercise Right???”

Picture the scene with me: You hop off the Elliptical after doing some cardio at your gym and decide to be brave and cross over the imaginary line into… Bro Territory. You know, it’s that part of your gym mostly populated by men…and now you. You find a free bench and grab a 15 pound […]

How Much Weight Should You Use?

Nearly every day I get asked a very important question that holds the power of progress in its answer. This question is so critical that it literally determines whether or not you will see the benefits from your strength workouts. One little baby question, one short answer, and bam! The solution to all of your […]

How Strength Training is Different for Women

Women’s Strength Nation is a community of women, for women, coming together in a conversation about strength. Through the practice of strength training, you will discover a new sense of what it means to be strong. Your new physical strength inspires personal and spiritual strength. I am on a personal mission to improve the ratio […]

Women, Strength and Muscles

When it comes to muscles, strength and size are not synonymous. Soooooo many people think that strong muscles mean big muscles. I was determined to explore this concept in my book Lift to Get Lean, and strength is the foundation to Women’s Strength Nation. You can be strong and have tight, lean, feminine muscles. You […]

5 Steps to Eating for Strength

Once you have established your strength training program, you can take your results to the next level by dialing in your eating habits. I get so sad when I see women working hard for results in the gym and cancelling out those efforts because of improper eating. Your time is sooooo precious and I want […]

Western Women

The goal of Women’s Strength Nation is to help you discover and cultivate inner personal strength so that you can show up for life even bigger, better and bolder that you do now. The Dalai Lama was quoted saying, “The world will be saved by the Western woman” at a women’s conference in Vancouver several […]